The Mini

The jaw capacity essentially depends on your product size and the residual baking time but for illustration the MINI Bakefresh can produce up to 200 rolls per hour, with a part baked weight of 65 g and a residual baking time of 6 minutes.


Required Min.
Depth excluded
Sales Box:
Total Depth:1305mm
Unloaded Weight approx:300kg
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Bakefresh –“ sleep mode” saves up to 68% on energy usage.

  • Allows the oven to revert to a pre-set temperature, after a given period in an idle state.
  • Following extensive research the optimum temperature for ‘sleep’ mode is 100oc.
  • Only needs to be set once for constant monitoring.
  • Can reduce energy consumption by up to 68% per day, per oven

Bakefresh Mini Oven
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Freshly baked goods from Bakefresh
Fresh bread on demand... this is the simple premise at the heart of BakefreshTM, whose innovative self-serve technology has revolutionised the concept of in-store bakeries.

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